De Bruin & Associates CPA’s, LLC is a specialty financial and advisory service firm providing focused expertise in a variety of areas where it excels.

The De Bruin management team has individuals who have been successful in public accounting displaying that success becoming partners, executive committee members and board members of some of the larger accounting firms in the United States.

The team also has an entrepreneurial spirit which has led them to create and lead their own companies, including investment companies, industrial and manufacturing companies, real estate entities and a venture capital fund.

The principals of De Bruin & Associates have in-depth experience in sales and acquisitions, audit, taxation and various corporate finance specialties that emphasize mergers and acquisitions, capital structure and due diligence.

Working with accountants who understand business is more than a theoretical venture, rather they own businesses themselves and recognize first-hand all of its challenges and opportunities that businesses face.

Past experiences and current challenges have led the De Bruin team to create De Bruin & Associates, a CPA firm that has not only specialty accounting services but an emphasis on culture, recognizing that a successful firm requires talented individuals. De Bruin promotes positive working relationships and supporting fellow employees to create a culture that respects individual contributions and encourages innovation.

Placing top-tier individuals in an environment/culture that allows for individual creativity and responsibility allows individuals to excel at their jobs without many of the conflicts and burdens that come with larger organizations.

Financial guidance on an individual level provides for the most successful relationships. The firm provides audit and advisory services to many large companies with complicated processes and multiple foreign operations. De Bruin & Associates, as a boutique financial advisory firm, not only focuses on projects they also get to know the individuals and client companies.

By emphasizing fewer larger projects, the principals and staff at De Bruin & Associates prides themselves on custom solutions. This very stable client base have been provided individual attention and solutions that stretch beyond cookie cutter recommendations. De Bruin differentiated itself from competitors who focus on volume rather than individual results.

The existence of focused experience on a client base that is stable and in need of specialized services creates an opportunity to have De Bruin & Associates exhibit the passion for their work that has made the firm successful.


De Bruin & Associates CPA's, LLC