Accounting Services and Business Compliance

  • Compilation and Reviews
  • Monthly Accounting Assistance
  • Fixed Asset Processing
  • Property Tax Reports Sales Tax Compliance

business accounting servicesAccounting and regulatory compliance is a requirement facing all small businesses. De Bruin & Associates has a team of individuals who service the small business accounting and compliance requirement. This team provides assistance to companies in the monthly accounting and year-end compilation or review requirements.

The team also provides accounting and compliance services to a wide variety of companies and has an average of over 10 years of experience per person. Our depth and knowledge allows the services to be provided to improve the accounting operations and strategic planning of companies served.

We provide accounting services that are tailored and individually administered to each of our clients.

We believe an effective organization requires timely, reliable and relevant accounting information. While having timely current accounting information Is the primary goal, utilizing easy to access accounting assistance with years of experience makes De Bruin & Associates one of the most”user friendly” resources in your organization.

Our team uses both past account information and current accounting requirements to help propel your organization towards a more positive future. Insights and analysis of your accounting information are all part of the De Bruin experience.

Regardless of the size of your company, we are here to help you make your accounting and tax preparation, compliance and utilization of accounting information as easy and as informative as possible.

Audit & Assurance

  • Financial Statement Audit
  • Financial Reporting
  • Operations Audit

small business accountingAn audit of financial statements requires detailed knowledge of generally accepted accounting standards (GAAP).

This knowledge is used during the examination to provide evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures on the financial statements.

The objective of an audit is to express an opinion regarding whether the financial statements as a whole conform to GAAP.

The benefit of using an accounting firm with a substantial audit practice and accountants that excels in financial statement preparation and understanding, allows the audit to become much more than a mechanical process that determines general accuracy.

The audit can also lead to specific recommendations that improve efficiencies and create higher level accounting systems within a company. This allows for greater security and more meaningful future financial presentations. De Bruin & Associates provides audit services to a wide variety of clients, including equity funds.

As part of the equity fund engagement the De Bruin team assists in the monitoring of operations and the strategic plan for the company. The partners at De Bruin & Associates have hands-on experience in the ownership and operation of manufacturing, dairy, distribution and service companies. With this experience and background, De Bruin provides an audit that goes beyond traditional audit procedures and provides for value-added services to the company. While audits are often complex, the experience of the De Bruin team allows for the breadth and depth of industry experience that benefits clients throughout the audit process.

Our audit process of private companies assists banks and other creditors maintain a level of confidence that their borrowers are providing accurate financial information. The audit provides board members, shareholders and investors alike the detailed analysis to help them with their responsibilities and expectations that their company continues to perform as outlined in the financial statements. It also can be used for oversight regulation and/or customer or supplier requirements.

Although many parties may have an interest in audit results, the real value in an audit, beyond the requirements placed on a company by outside organizations, is the information that the audit can create for management of a company in the future. Audits provide for safety, accuracy, efficiency and allows an avenue for outside partied to bring in past experience and knowledge to help a company benefit from the experiences of other companies and the experiences of the De Bruin auditors.


  • Corporate, Pass-Through Tax Planning & Strategies
  • Coordination of Entity, Owner Tax Planning & Strategies
  • Choice of Entity Analysis • Federal & State Tax Compliance
  • Individual Tax Planning & Strategies
  • Tax Projections & Year-End Planning
  • Individual Retirement Plan Strategies
  • IC-DISC Solutions & Foreign Tax Planning

business tax servicesBoth business and individual clients rely on tax professionals to prepare federal, state and local tax returns. Having a specialty in taxation means asking the right questions and getting an understanding of each client’s unique situation and industry that allows valuable tax planning strategies.

A focus on tax reduction opportunities through a complete analysis of alternatives and current taxation strategies provides for minimizing taxes. Proactively looking forward to opportunities that might exist as the tax code changes provides future benefits to De Bruin & Associates tax clients.

Tax regulations are always changing and are increasingly complex. Keeping informed about what changes and issues affect you and your organization requires focused attention to the changing tax code and to opportunities that exist in industries. We provide custom tailored solutions that help capture tax benefits and ensure compliance and minimize taxes.

International activity has become increasingly common in business today. If you have any foreign activity, we provide tax planning, including an IC-DISC solution for clients that manufacture products domestically and sell the products overseas.

The IC-DISC solution and other foreign tax strategies can generate a tax benefit to domestic companies. We also have a partner firm that has extensive international expertise and we work together to incorporate an international strategy that works for the client.

The international tax strategy includes maximizing the foreign tax credit to minimize the tax on foreign income.

We understand that no business owner or individual wants to pay more taxes than are required. To ensure that taxes are minimized, an understanding of the individual or their business operation is required.

De Bruin & Associates develops a complete understanding regarding your business and individual situation. This allows us to apply our expertise and knowledge to identify opportunities to reduce the tax burden for you.


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